Why Naming Consultation?

A Forever Decision

Congratulations on parenthood!  It's the most important role you will ever have.

Parents make many decisions for their children, but only one which lasts for all eternity: their name.  

How we can help:  We are language experts with our own unique linguistic formula, based on the science of phonetics and the aesthetics of Western cultures, for developing pleasing and impressive names.  

Little One + Little Thought = Big Thought

"What should we name our baby?   What are good baby names?  We need help finding a new baby name."  Whether you're having or adopting a child, they were first a thought to you.  Even seemingly small decisions have an impact on a child.  As a parent, you set your child on the course they must navigate the rest of their life.  Naming a child is a critical responsibility.  Their name will become the most important set of words and sounds they ever hear.  One of the first words they learn will be what you call them.  Some parents feel pressure from loved-ones or from their own conscience to choose particular names.  We offer professional, unbiased guidance and consultation to help parents make the right decision for their child.

Consultation Scope

We are able to provide professional consultation for Western culture based names using the Roman alphabet.  We will provide services to anyone in the world seeking assitance in finding an occidenal style name. 

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